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    Service Description

    Engine Services

    As the life force of your vehicle, it's important to perform regular maintenance and fluid changes to the vehicle's engine. 

    The Auto Repair performs all major and minor engine repairs and inspects all fluids and belts to maintain a high-performing, dependable engine. 

    Belts and Hoses Inspection & Replacement Service

    Your vehicle’s belts and hoses are essential to the functioning of the engine and the cooling and air conditioning systems. Replacing them at the correct intervals based on your vehicle manufacturer’s manual increase the dependability of your vehicle.

    The Auto Repair can inspect and replace:

    • Drive Belt (V-Belt)
    • Fan Belt
    • Serpentine Belt
    • Timing Belt
    • Heater Hoses
    • Lower Radiator Hose
    • Upper Radiator Hose

    Engine Flush & Fill Service

    Flushing the engine protects it from damage and increases performance by washing away sludge and deposits that have built up over time.

    Engine Inspection and Scope Service

    A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s engine parts will look for damage that might prevent the engine from performing properly. The scope reads fault codes from the computer for a more accurate diagnosis.